Sunday, 26 August 2007

A Potter's Book

Partly inspired by Pru Morrison's (Bum Crane) reference to Leaches worthy tome (which for whatever reason I have never picked up)I thought about the inluence ofbooks on practice,particularly MY practice.I don't know how I came by this book but it had a huge impact on me when compared to other publications on the crafts at the time.It is a series of interviews with English craft practitioners and introduced me to Lucie Rie's chocolate biscuits,Elizabeth Fritsch and Jacqueline Poncelet.It showed me that you didn't have to be a grizzled,bearded hermit ,living in the Blue Mountains,grinding rocks for glazes and digging your own clay to be a real potter.Many of the featured practitioners were urban with great haircuts!There was little real evidence of Eastern aesthetics aside from Uncle Bernard.Most of the work was refreshing and undeniably English

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