Thursday, 6 December 2007

a secret history of blue and white

If anyone is going to Sydney around January 18th there are a number of things to see,do and hear. Firstly if you are so inclined go to see 'A Secret History of Blue and White' at Object Gallery .It is a show curated by Stephen Bowers dealing mainly with artists who have been playing with cobalt for quite a while (including the work of the redoubtable Bronwyn Kemp as pictured above). The show recently toured Asia and has a handsome catalogue. It is nice to be showing amongst some important (and influential) ceramic luminaries.However the more important reason for coming to Sydney in January is another secret.That is a show called, 'A Secret in the Shape of a Song'.

'For the first time in Australia, the five remaining members of The Triffids and a select group of friends will celebrate the music and the memory of David McComb.

Formed in 1978 by Perth teenagers David McComb, Alsy MacDonald and Phil Kakulas, The Triffids became the perfect vehicle for a collection of peerless songs that have only gained in potency since the untimely death of their writer in 1999.

These songs gave David and the band a shot at the bigtime - they toured the European Festival circuit, inked a deal with Island Records and released a series of classic albums, one of which - Born Sandy Devotional - has just been the subject of an SBS documentary. Unfortunately the shot fell agonisingly short of its target but the echoes remain.

This series of shows will showcase the extraordinary songwriting genius of David McComb, from early gems such as Stand Up, recognised classics like Wide Open Road and Bury Me Deep In Love through to exclusive renditions of unreleased works from David's later years.

Accompanied by some of the original slideshows employed by the band, interspersed with readings from Dave's prose, poetry and wickedly funny letters and postcards, played and sung by his bandmates and a select cast of friends and admirers, David McComb's songs will touch hearts again as profoundly as ever.'

I have often used the narrative of these songs as starting points for my own work (cover versions),as in (or is that on) the urn below ,based on the song Wide Open Road.
See you there!

View The Triffids webiste here:


Studio√ČLAN said...

Hi Gerry,

I've been subscribed to your blog for a while and I've really been enjoying all your posts of ceramic happenings in Australia. Thank you for taking the time.
My mother-in-law is heading tomorrow for Australia and she's planning to stay for three months -but she hasn't the faintest interest in pottery (other than mine and not even that so much!).
I'd love to be in her suitcase but no can do :(
I'll have to make do with your posts.


shannon said...

You lucky thing. My favourite Triffids song is "Trick of the Light"
If I was ever on Australian Idol (unlikely, as I have a very bad voice) I would sing "Trick of the Light".

As it is I shall just listen to it in the studio!

Anonymous said...

That'll be a big january pause