Saturday, 29 March 2008


For all those interested in that most temperamental of mediums...

The Board of JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design takes pleasure in inviting you to
Gallery 1 : Porcelain
Robin Best. Kirsten Coelho, Gywn Hanssen Pigott, Ann Linnemann, Bruce Nuske, Prue Venables (pictured) and Gerry Wedd - new ceramics

Gallery 2 : Informing Facets
Regine Schwarzer - new jewellery

Presenting, in the irredoubtable words of S. Bowers....

Porcelain – the hard stuff – the refined temperamental thoroughbred of the ceramic world – the preserve of the connoisseur. A most demanding medium, unforgiving of attempts to control it; it marches to the beat of its own drum 'with a backbeat narrow and hard to master'. Porcelain’s ability to shrink matches its ability to warp. Amazingly plastic and capable of astounding results, yet few attain mastery of this willful substance. The artists in this exhibition are amongst those who, through the Zen-like act of accepting the essential difficulty of porcelain, have come to terms with its essence.

Phew ! Whilst I am sure this will be a great show (if I don't say so myself) so much interesting work in the medium is left unseen. By the way, while on this topic I'd recommend visiting the V&A ceramics section online to look at the story of the Meissen porcelain vultures


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