Friday, 23 January 2009

The wilderness is gathering all it's children back again...

If you want a boxer

I will step into the ring for you

And if you want a doctor

Ill examine every inch of you

If you want a driver

Climb inside

Or if you want to take me for a ride

You know you can

I'm your man

We are off to see Leonard Cohen on Monday afternoon giving a concert at a winery.I saw him in the 1970's with a fabulous Greek (I think) band who played an array of traditional instruments. From the age of fourteen I have always loved his stuff,firstly attracted to the melancholy then later the wry humour.I see a lot of my practice in terms of 'covers'.I have used the songs as narratives to illustrate the surfaces of objects (much in the manner of Attic amphorae). Lenny has featured prominently,
particularly,"I'm Your Man". His is the kind of  craft to aspire too. Sure he sometimes misses the mark but that's the point. 

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