Saturday, 21 November 2009

Celebrity Master Potter or Anagama mama

OK. There is a ceramics conference coming up in Adelaide in 2012. Maybe the dying interest in pott'ry could be re-ignited by some dependable reality television. A few conferences ago when we were sitting around moaning about the demise of clay related courses world wide, the ever effervescent stirrer Michael Keighery said, 'So what, if people aren't interested in ceramics at the moment.There must be a reason, maybe clay isn't seen as being sexy anymore. What we need is for Paris Hilton to take up pottery.' or something to that effect.

So what about a ' Pot-off' where a number of celebrities (be they artists or artistes or just famous for being famous) are challenged by a number of icons (oh sorry I meant experts) to come up with say, their version of a Hanson-Piggot tableau or a Chester Nealie chestnut. Obviously the eight week Anagama firing is out of the question so maybe the works would be unfired.(although you could whip up a Mincham or a Peascod and fire it in a couple of hours)

Just imagine the excitement of an entrant sweating over a raku kiln while Chester shakes his head and tut-tut's over the mannered throwing lines and Damon Moon frowns over the glaze ingredients.


Leo Neuhofer said...

sounds good Gerry!and in the next room we (Phil Hart)could train a monkey to throw?

Chris said...

Or you could have a figurine creating contest for novices and call it Australian Idol !?

gerry said...

This has legs.
I think Vipoo has already begun running Australian Idle...Or maybe Vipoo Voodoo.

Anonymous said...

I've got an electric egg poacher that tweets when the eggs are ready. A musical kiln could sing specified tunes at bisque, earthenware & stoneware etc, no need for cones or piros, it'd be handy for the celebs