Saturday, 22 May 2010


You look different every time you come
from the foam-crested brine
It's your skin shining softly in the moonlight
Partly fish, parly porpoise, partly baby sperm whale
Am I yours? Are you mine to play with?
Joking apart when you're drunk
You're terrific when you're drunk
I like you mostly late at night - you're quite all right

But I can't understand the different you
In the morning when it's time to play
at being human for a while
Please smile!

You'll be different in the spring, I know
You're a seasonal beast
Like the starfish that drifted with the tide, with the tide
So until your blood runs to meet the next full moon
Your madness fits in nicely with my own, with my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own - my very own

We're not alone...


peterbowes said...

I have 5 of his albums, including a track with Jimi Hendrix on walking bass - Wyatt performed with just about everybody and he has a wonderful skill with a lot of instruments -

gerry said...

I became aware of him late in his career via his cover of Elvis Costello's, 'Shipbuilding'.
Long after the jazz- rock infused stuff.
Is there an album you'd recommend?

peterbowes said...

Nothing can Stop Us - if only for the 2 tracks - At last I am free and Strange Fruit -

He has another single called Pigs on another album that knocks me out everytime I hear it.

gerry said...

I can hardly see in front of me