Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The unreal McCoy

Those interested in Zot performance may remember the board pictured as a single fin. After a prolonged period of finning around in our challenging waves I gave in and got a friend to put some plugs in for me.Tried it as a 2+1 there was an improvement in versatility but have found that the thruster configuration works best in our dead, sloping waves. If the waves are steep and forehand go the single!

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Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

I've got a 6'10" Zot too, lots of single fin tooling about. Just had the local shaper put some Future fin side boxes in, just like you did. Tried a 2+1 set up based on a Neil Purchase Jnr recommendation (4.25" sides with a 6" centre fin) with amazing results, completely different board! The local shaper reckons the Zot shape is a sitter for a quad configuration.