Monday, 16 August 2010


When I was first stumbling around with making pots I was encouraged a great deal by Liz Williams who was somewhat a mentor figure for a number of potteurs.
She has a show at the Jam Factory in Adelaide.

The Virgin Saints - The theatre of Catholicism
Liz Williams – new Ceramics
Inspired by the dramatic spectacle of Catholic ritual Williams’
works reflects its rich hagiography whilst speculating on
the strange psychological phenomenon surrounding the panoply
of virgin saints. Williams’ fascination with the theatricality
of Catholicism was first piqued when she encountered the
dramatic processions of Semana Santa in Spain, its penitent
citizens dragging their shackled feet and bearing heavy floats
laiden with Easter images, flowers and candles. Intrigued by the
power of this imagery, Williams’ interest was furthered by her
study of the intimate portrayals of virgin saints, leading her to
unlock the histories and mythologies of these women.

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