Sunday, 31 October 2010

Groundhog Day

Summerish slop,seaweed mounds, old faithful.


Sam Harrison said...

Hey Gerry

I miss the slop - more than I am getting here... Will try and get to London and get you a seed or two. Apparently they have stopped people walking on seeds as it a "health hazard"... Evie says hi to Darcy.... and Orlo says he has missed playing soccer with Henry and wondered how the season went... Cheers Sam

Mark L said...

I'm hoping against all odds the picture will be very different a week from now when I get back from PNG/Cairns. If not I will be joining Gerry and Mike in the slop anyway, lovingly dragging seagrass from my leg rope after each 1 foot wave.

I just read an article in the current Surfers Journal you're going to enjoy Sam, I'll hang onto it for you. It's about an artist/surfer based at Mollusk in San Fran. I really liked what he had to say.