Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Patsy Inclined

29 October - 5 December 2010
To There and Back

Patsy Hely - new ceramics@ Jam Olfactory
Working from photographs and sketches of her travels to and from Adelaide in recent years, Canberra-based ceramicist Hely, paints and prints her recollections onto a series of porcelain forms: domestic cups, jugs and vases, creating objects that are souvenir-like, but not souvenirs. Reflecting journal notes made while travelling and that are diaristic in intent, Hely’s appealingly homely pots are also visual records of excursions away, reflecting aspects of the passing Adelaide cityscape, recording elements of the road travelled, recalling echoes of the rhythm of the journey travelled; the pathway back and forth.
-Jam Fac-press release

Forget about the blokes, Ms Healy is a national living treasure. No big gestures
or glaze wizardry just thoughtful almost slight objects of a domestic scale and intention that are blurilly nostalgic for what I'm not sure.Her stuff reminds me of why I make things out of clay.

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