Sunday, 13 March 2011


We saw Ms Newsom last night at Womadelaide.
The performance was quite transfixing and although the spirits of Van Dyke Parks and early Randy Newman were present, it was unlike anything else I have seen or heard.
When the stage lights came on the stage was invaded by crickets.
It was both funny and somehow apt.


Mel Robson said...

Beautiful Gerry. It held my daughter transfixed for almost 3 and a half minutes - that's no mean feat!!

michael said...

Well I sat thru 3-4 songs... Loved the crickets and OK she's musical, cute etc but Gerry she does sound like an orgasmic cat! Martha Wainright blew my mind on Sat as well as Amadou & Miriam. Hope you're all well. MK

gerry said...

All I know is I sat down and was transfixed from the first note.Comparisons are odious. As for cute; you must have been sitting closer than me.