Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It was a dark stormy night...

The Narrative Knot is the Australian Ceramics Association's Biennial Exhibition 2011. Curated by Gerry Wedd.
The idea of the 'narrative knot' implies interlocking or interweaving stories or, and about, making ceramics. Artists will explore the idea of objects with stories to tell, whether it be writing and drawing of stories on the ceramic surface or the effects of flame and glaze on a fired surface telling the story of making, firing and the maker.
Selecting the works for this show was a trying process,after all objects all have a narrative potential.
In the end selection was done on a gut reaction; trying to avoid issues of personal taste.I suppose part of my thinking was in re-positioning these objects as being texts so that their story-telling potential would become a prime a consideration for the viewer.
In conjuction with this exhibtion is PROmotion, curated by Dee Taylor-Graham that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Journal of Australian Ceramics.

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