Thursday, 17 November 2011

"Le décor est planté" - Exposition de la Fondation Bernardaud 2011

I visited Limoges recently but unfortunately the Porcelain Museum was closed for renovations.

Luckily, around the corner and up the road there was a terrific show on featuring Paul Scott,Richard Shaw, Robert Dawson and a bunch of other ceramic luminaries. The work was displayed quite informally to the point where you could have (almost) touched it.Here is the blurb;

The Fondation Bernardaud presents an exhibition devoted to decorative art. American for the most part, several artists will be making their debut in France. Some have already earned an international reputation and many are creating works especially for the occasion.

This exhibition presents artists who make use of ceramics to create decorative art. Today, all artists- and not just ceramic artists - are free to use ceramics to express their art. In very different registers, each artist offers a different take on decorative art. Some set out deliberately to subvert everyday objects, others exalt them in the purest trompe-l'oeil tradition. Some conduct a reflection focused on architectural or decorative aspects, others parody the canons of classical sculpture. The actors are ready and the stage is set - let the play begin !

Fondation d'entreprise Bernardaud
27, avenue Albert Thomas
87 000 Limoges, France
+ 33 (0)5 55 10 55 91

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