Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Children's Crusade.

Procession of Princes

This mural is painted on tiles made from Meissen porcelain and 101 metres long. It depicts successive generations of Wettin rulers as a mounted procession.The Procession of Princes was originally painted between 1870 and 1876 by artist Wilhelm Walther to celebrate the 800 year anniversary of the Wettin Dynasty. It replaced an older painting of a procession that had been painted almost 300 years earlier with limewash. Due to the long exposure to natural elements the original painting had become mostly invisible. For the new mural, Wilhelm Walther employed the sgraffito technique on a stucco base, which allowed for great detail. The artist portrayed himself as the last person in the procession. n order to make the F├╝rstenzug weather-proof, the sgraffito decoration was replaced between 1906 and 1907 with close to 25,000 ceramic tiles from the porcelain manufacturer Meissen. The tiles miraculously survived the devastating aerial bombardments of February 1945.So it goes...

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