Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"What are you rebelling against, Johnny?", he answers "Whaddaya got?"

From the 28 th of September to the 1st of October Adelaide is hosting Subversive Clay-The Australian Ceramics Triennial.

The theme for this conference is ‘Subversive Clay’ and over four days it will explore clay as a medium capable of challenging artistic, social and cultural issues through an investigation across past traditions and invigorating new experimentations.

Representing excellence in contemporary clay practice from around the world, the conference will consider how ceramic artists contest traditional approaches to clay as a medium, as an important art form, and thus its role in society.

So...I suppose what we're really dealing with here is subversive practice within  the arena of ceramics, though as soon as one begins to 'subvert' one is either ousted from or subsumed by the 'ceramic (clay) world'. 
With a view to getting my head around this I've been collecting (and posting on Facebook) images of work made in clay that may in some way be 'subversive'.

Wedgwood,Anti-slavery medallion
Tasmin Van Essen
Ai Weiwei,Urn
Ai Weiwei 'Dropping The Urn'
Christine Borland
Chinese 'Revolutionary' Figurine
Kris Martin
Lucio Fontana

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Rebecca Olive said...

This sounds amazing, and I know you will contribute something marvellous.

Subvert away, Gerry!

Hope all's well down your way?