Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wake up and smell the coffee.

"More like a craft than a production, we roast in very small batches with very big smiles… small, intimate and joyful, just the way we like it. Hand roasted, hand packed, hand stamped with the roast date is how our beans make their way into the cups of the Barossa and beyond.
Barossa Coffee Roasters grew in our hearts and our heads over many a cup of home roasted coffee, an 'on the side' thing that became a passion for freshly roasted beans that seemed to elude us in the Barossa. The birth of our first daughter Amilie ignited the desire for a peaceful and flexible lifestyle and an urge to share a passion crafted with our own hands, in a slow and conscious way. The brand was born, a Roaster was purchased and our shed was converted into a purpose built Roastery, overlooking the vines through salvaged French Doors. We set up shop at the local Saturday morning Barossa Farmers Market, a much loved tradition in our weekly flow, very soon extending to our second daughter Lucy joining us behind the trestle.
Seasonal Single Origin coffee is our focus, echoing the boutique wine industry that surrounds us and our own patch of Shiraz that we play with and bottle each vintage. The link of family grown spoke to us through stories of coffee origin and the heart and soul of where the beans are born sing their song through every roast, we couldn’t bring ourselves to blend this beauty out. The focus on Single Origin beans declares our respect for the grower and origin, just as we wish for our own patch of vines.
A focus on People and Planet Friendly practices shape our business choices and by default our lifestyle; a philosophy that joyfully finds its way into every bean."
This is the philosophy of Paul and Janelle Amos who I have teamed with to make some things reflecting their production ethos.This has been brought about through the efforts of Adele Sliuzas working with  JamFactory on a project called COnsumed.Pictured are some initial ideas for vessel forms.

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Kirk said...

I like this a lot, and please do at some point make some little tiny espresso/qahwah cups. Incidentally, my morning brew tastes great in the Kidman mug and looks stylish too. More beverage receptacles are on my 'to do' list...