Wednesday, 11 March 2015

mambo story

 Wayne Golding,Oscar Martin and Matthew Martin being sculptures (pic by Rachel Knepfer)
Matthew Martin and Oscar Martin with urn (pic by Rachel Knepfer)

When I was 11 or 12 years old  I met a nice lad called Matthew Martin whilst surfing.(or hitching to the surf) Being a small surfing community our paths crossed many times and we became friends.MM almost disappeared from the surf during the years he went to art school and I saw him infrequently.Many years later in an attempt at world fame I sent some crayon drawings to a (ahem) surfwear company called Mambo.It was opportune timing as they needed a 'yardage drawing' and there was nothing else available.Turned out that Matthew was also doing some drawings for Dare De Mici (Now Dare Deus) over at Mambo.So we began to reconnect.Anywhoo,this is a photograph of MM and his son taken by his partner at a Mambo extravaganza which opened last night in Sydney.It's a funny old world...Oh and Matthew can be found doing great drawings anytime ,anywhere,anyhow.

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