Wednesday, 22 August 2007

surf'n ceramics

Well, SALA Week is over in Adelaide and I now have to try and settle in to post-MA pot-making.After spending so much time reading and thinking it should be a relief to sit down and throw,the problem being it will take a while to roll with the wabi-sabi of the whole thing.Post MA, I have a craft-art debate bouncing 'round my brain which makes the smallest decisions magnify.Oh well, I'll just put Bill Callahan on real loud,tidy up a bit and see what develops.Meanwhile,here are some images from a show I am in with surfing cohort and painter,Christian Lock.

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carole epp said...

beginning work after a degree is a strange place to be, definitely took me a while, there is a certain freedom, but also a lack of structure and constant critique that you have to find yourself.
by the way the work looks great!