Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Butterflies drowned in wine

"Any talk of "craft" makes me laugh. My music looks outward, it does not gaze upon itself in admiration.
Artisanal is for Cheesemakers. I don't know anything about music theory.
Every time I approach my guitar it's like the first time. There's no craft in that.
Although I do often think of working out a guitar part as "carving."
There is the huge block of silence and you carve little bits out of it by making sound."

It's a big week,the above quoted musician Bill Callahan (AKA Smog ) is playing in Adelaide .Sure ,making , looking at and thinking about other art work has its merits, but I wish I could make a song, or something that has the ability to affect in the same way a song can.

Halfway through my MA candidature I started to look at the parallels between crafting (pottery) and songcraft ,particularly comparing my approach to making to aspects of Folk music (the murder ballad).It was an interesting exercise and has continued to feed my practise.If Bill Callahan is coming to your town,go and see him!

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dobbio said...

a blog that metions mud and bill callahan in the same entry? eeeep, wahooo! i too wish i could create something that effected people in a similar way to a song. you already gazza.