Friday, 23 November 2007

"had an itch I had to scratch..."

It's always nice making cups ,they are intimate in both scale and percieved use. (hand to handle,lip to lip) For me they also tap into an interesting and largely overlooked niche in ceramic history that is about the domestic.(the kitchen not the palace) Here are a couple fresh out of the oven.
Helen at ALLHANDMADE is having a cup show in December in her new enlarged premises on Bronte Road (30 or so exhibitors).The new gallery is called Helen Stephens Gallery.Once I learn how to use this technology properly I will post links.


Vipoo said...

Beautiful cups, Gerry :)


gerry said...

Thanks Vip. I guess I'll see you at Dubbo for the Australian Stories show. I have a cd for you. Should I send it to the studio?

Vipoo said...

send it to my studio please. I will send you Stephen Benwell catalouge in return :) Or if you see David Ray tomorrow (Friday) you can give it to him and he will bring the CD to me :)

Thank you :)