Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs

'There were birds, all around...'

Seriously, I walk a lot, well that is if hitch-hiking to and from the surf without any success constitutes serious walking. As I walk and the world slows down, I notice a lot more than from the passenger seat of the car,useful pieces of rope,various discarded bits of clothing and footwear (thongs are prominent) and of course rubbish. Lately I have noticed the alarming and portentous amount of small birds. Canaries in the coalmine perhaps?

Whilst struggling furiously against ornithological representations in the work for fear of it looking like props in someone's Nu-folk video,I couldn't help making these small porcelain birds as a kind of testament to those frail corpses.

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Anonymous said...

Beaut Birdies. The smallest fish are the sweetest too.