Thursday, 24 January 2008

Room with a view

After seeing Carole Epps studio's posting I thought I'd show you mine. Pardon the mess.
I aways thought that a studio was meant to be zen/pristine, kind of like a laboratory where you wore a lab coat and big glasses. Well, mine is more a reflection of what's going on externally and internally. At the moment there are a number of things going on so there are piles of resource material everywhere.(more Francis Bacon than Giorgio Morandi) I clean up and chaos descends immediately.


carole epp said...

great space! i'm jealous of the outdoor part, maybe this summer i'll be able to drag my wheel out into the sun, until then the 3 foot snowdrifts aren't too tempting!

mudheartpottery said...

Great studio! Plenty happening in there to make a lazy potter like me jealous - reflection of my messy space.