Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cuban vessel crisis

These are some in studio snaps of a tableau that is now sitting somewhere in customs in Cuba.I of course misread the documentation for freight transport and am trying to arrange clearance.
The piece is being shown at the Havana Biennial as part of an Australian contingent of six artists curated by Christine Morrow.


The 10th Biennial of Havana will address, on the one hand, the complexities of a real and active process of integration to the global order and, on the other, the capacity to challenge the homogenizing farce this process presupposes. In its treatment of these issues, the gathering will act as a kind of laboratory where trans-disciplinary, process-based and experimental works will converge, in the field of visual arts and other cultural manifestations. 

The other Australian artists are an eclectic bunch, running the gamut from photography to punk rock performance.

The family are heading off to Cuba,Mexico and California to have a look around and attend the Biennial.
If anyone has any cultural (ceramic,surf,or otherwise) recommendations in California please post them.
Also if anyone is interested in anything concept-wise about the work ,let me know.


Tanoshii said...

cute litte miniascape~

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the conceptual-wise bit.I relate the boats of people , fences , wolf dogs and blue birds to colonial aus history , me me me eyed bligh.. but it's not that is it? more global,I know zero about cuba except the American stuff.

carole epp said...

would love to hear more about the piece concept wise. looks fantastic.
other than that have an awesome trip. i hope to see lots of pictures!

RSAC said...

I would love a little blurb on the concept to present in a class presentation about the 10th Havana Biennale. I will be showing the other Australian paticipants works, however will let the class discuss the works as they view them so a short concept would be great.