Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Glacier's Patience

The release of an album by 'honorary Canadian' Neko Case is always a cause for celebration.I was still trying to work out what most of her last album was about when this appeared out of nowhere. There are a whole lot of qualities about her oeuvre that one can only hope for in their craft.These aren't things you can really strive for but are imbued in the thing (song).Of course sometimes things are askew but they are often the most interesting parts.
This cup and saucer is based on a Case song ,'Maybe Sparrow'.The song provided a series of images which I thought would lend itself to reinterpretation.It is coil built.I am trying to throw less and less. The cup though possessing it's own charm falls short of the arcane lyricism of the song. Go listen to it, oh and while you're doing that check out 'The Bairns' by Rachel Unthank and the Winterset.

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