Monday, 1 June 2009

Had an itch I had to scratch...

                                  Maybe Sparrow

                                   Songs are like tattoos

Here is some fresh green stuff for a show at Legge Gallery during the Ceramic Trienale in Sydney in July. It's odd going back to sgraffito after so much painting with cobalt. The sgraffito is particularly satisfying in that crafty, whittlin' way. There is nothing quite as satisfying as painting creamy layers of slip and carving back in to them. The process is very close to printmaking.

 The teapots are all based on songs with a narrative bent. They are currently at that nervy point just before being put to the test in a bisque firing. One would think after so many firings the nervousness would dissipate. I guess it's like stage fright.

Current Listening:
Hank Williams, Your Cheatin' Heart, Ramblin' Man
Neko Case, Maybe Sparrow, Middle Cyclone
Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man
Joni, Blue
Cat Power, Blue
Mick Harvey,Hank Williams Said it Best
Dylan, Everything Is Broken

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Anonymous said...

burly imagery gerry, 'properly charismatic' like the songs ,loose sgraffito alive & ,kicking too