Tuesday, 9 June 2009

scratching chicks

                                           Wedd & son

                                           Gladys Reynell

The South Australian studio of Gladys Reynell wasn't more than a few miles from where I grew up. Reynell shared various studios with that doyen of Australian Moderns, Margaret Preston. Apart from being a  sgraffitist of the highest order, Gladys was a pioneer of all things ceramic,digging her own clay etc.. Influenced by the Omega Workshops she set up a pottery in Cornwall which pre- dated big Bernard by some years. Reynell didn't seem to share the same wabi - sabi aesthetics of the Leachian gang which may be the reason for her slipping from the radar. My mother knew nothing of Reynell's work (nor Preston's ) but the work she produced in our seaside suburban home in the early seventies shared some of the slightly wonky and heart-warming aesthetics and decorative vernacular trimmings as those of Gladys.

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Chris Chappell said...

The first of those mugs is vaugely familiar for some reason Gerry - is it one you've owned since the 70's? Chris Chappell

gerry said...

Hi Chris,
wow you have improved with age !
Yes I probably scratched that out at a youth workshop ! Nice to hear from you.

Chris Chappell said...

Not improved - just learnt the art of bathing!!
It's great to see you've made a life out of your art - now that's impressive!!
I've a website which, if you fish around, will give you an idea of what I've been up to with work at least (the story of love would require a wiki in itself) www.cichappell.com or chris@cichappell.com