Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bill Ricketts

Just turned on the kiln for a bisque firing. It's full of dogs again. These ones aren't blue and white. More Staffordshire in style than much recent work. I was in Brisvegas recently and came upon a terrific but expensive book on Australian art pottery. There was actually quite a lot of dross in the book but amongst it all were these wild images of William Rickett's small clay works. I had heard about this stuff but never seen it. I'm still not sure what I really think about the impetus behind the work but he's certainly got something goin' on.

The work in my kiln is for a group show opening next week at the Jam Factory called 'resonance' which focuses on the relationship between tradition and innovation in the crafts. Amongst the artists in the show is the esteemed (steamed ? ) glass artist (another terrible label) Giles Bettison who really is a craftsperson of the highest order who seamlessly marries technique and aesthetics.

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