Sunday, 14 March 2010


The aforementioned cover of the Bryan Mc Lean penned Alone Again ,Or which I first heard in around 1968 when my sister (probably after hearing Love as part of the soundtrack of Paul Witzig's surf flick,The Hot Generation) brought it home one payday and played it on her portable mono record player,over and over and over. Love were wild, a combination of two songwriting talents, Mc Lean and the volatile Arthur Lee.Music like this used to be hard to find:searching for and discovering it on vinyl was a kind of arcane right of passage, (sigh) now it's all on Itunes, on someone's Ipod mix of cool psychedelic music.Maybe even on a playlist sandwiched between Vampire Weekend and Empire of The Sun.This is Calexico's cover which was an encore at Womadelaide last week.

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